11 Secrets To Staying Healthy While Living In Corporate Housing

The life of business travelers can be stressful. There are many trips to airport and plane rides that expose you to germs and virus that can greatly impact your health while on the road. The next time you are scheduled to stay at the St Louis Corporate Housing, practice these healthy habits to ensure your health and well-being aren’t compromised by your constant travels:

1. Stick To A Schedule

It is easy to fall in a slump while traveling. Your body clock can get altered and you can pick up bad eating habits along the way. Avoid this by sticking to your normal schedule like you do at home.

2. Go To The Gym

Accommodations like the St Louis Corporate Housing have a gym on site. Stay in shape by working out on your free time so you don’t feel sluggish during your stay.

3. Take A Swim

If you aren’t a gym rat and prefer to relax while staying active at the same time, the pool is your best choice. Do a few laps in the pool and unwind right after to keep the stress levels manageable.

4. Limit Take Out Food

Binging on take out and junk food while on a business trip is easy, especially when your company is picking up the tab. Although you can enjoy the local cuisine a few times, don’t rely on take out too much because you will end up eating more than usual and gaining a couple of pound along the way.

5. Go Grocery Shopping

Do your own grocery and pick up healthy snacks if you must. This way you can curb the junk food craving when it comes knocking in the middle of the night.

6. Cook Your Meals

Your fully-furnished unit in corporate housing will most likely have a kitchen, use it. Preparing your own meals will help you avoid overeating as well as keep you busy to stop you from snacking while bored.

7. Find Time For Yourself

Don’t overwork yourself while on a business trip. Find activities you enjoy and take time off to participate in them. Whether its a spa day or just a day of reading your favorite book, find your “me” time so you don’t burn out.

8. Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water and fluids. Getting dehydrated or relying too much on caffeinated drinks can result in migraines and other health complications.

9. Track Your Calories

It can be hard to say not to fast food and junk when you are stressed out and it is okay to treat yourself once in a while. Just make sure to track your calories to make sure you aren’t eating more than you should.

10. Maintain Relationships

Business travelers often feel lonely because they are away from home too much. Reach out to family members and friends so that you always have people to talk to, even if they aren’t near you. This will do wonders for your mental health.

11. Make Friends

Find people who can relate to your life and make friends. Sometimes knowing that there are other people who live the same life as you do helps in keeping your morale up.

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